Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bonehead Zen: They Complete Each Other

David "Dean of Washington Journalists" Broder has a characteristically boneheaded op-ed piece on American politics in today's WaPo, titled "Independence Days". JoshMarshall's summary is pretty faithful to the full version, though I would have put the "moderates" in quotes:
Shorter David Broder: Bush is a lawless president at war with the constitution. Also, Gore and Kerry, who opposed him, are know-it-alls I don't like. Hopefully Republican moderates and Lieberman can all get reelected so the country can be saved.
And over at the NYT, David Brooks has a characteristically boneheaded op-ed piece titled "Lessons From UN Week" (behind the Subscription Wall of Eventual Irrelevance).

Shorter David Brooks: Having listened to Rush Limbaugh, I am here to tell you that all Americans except for members of elites like me understand the Lesson that the UN sucks and the Iranians and Arabs are crazy and irrational so we have no choice but to blow them to smithereens in a clash of civilizations.

Even Shorter David Brooks: I'm on Board for Attacking Iran.

Broder and Brooks: So completely wrong it almost physically hurts to read their stuff. This is elite punditry in 2006. The solution to America's problems in the wake of the Iraq disaster? Broder: The only people who can save us are pro-war right wing Republicans like McCain and their fellow travellers. Brooks: Onward to Tehran!

Brooks and Broder: in a Bonehead Zen sort of way, they sort of complete each other.

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