Saturday, September 16, 2006

Turncoat Joe Lieberman: Ridiculous

Atrios posted Ned Lamont's new ad. I love it. It's an attack on Lieberman that is blunt, tough and totally true. Basically, the ad calls Joe a "Turncoat" and "Ridiculous". Amen.

I think the "turncoat" meme is likely to be very potent against Lieberman -- everybody in CT (and NYC metro) instantly understands how it connects to Joe. It sort of crystallizes what many people know or suspect about Joe even if they haven't heard it articulated that bluntly yet.

One thing I love about Ned (aside from being right on all the most important issues of the day) is that he knows how to throw a punch.

Also, Joe's been whining about Ned's campaign being "negative" for so long (even when it clearly wasn't) that it's hard to see how he's going to differentiate his whining (you know it's coming) this time around. I guess that makes Joe the Turncoat who cried wolf...

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